Bathroom Fitting

Whether we are installing a bathroom suite or wet room supplied by you, or whether we are installing one provided by us, makes no difference. Your best interests are uppermost.

There is sometimes concern about what facilities will be out of action during the installation, particularly if there is only one wc in the property. If this is the case we aim to ensure that when we finish for the day there is never a time when toilet facilities cannot be used, even if it means that the new unit is a temporary fit, pending proper installation.

Likewise, while there may be some disruptions to the supply during daytime, customers are never left without hot and cold water overnight. These may not necessarily be in the room being worked on, but almost certainly will be available elsewhere.

During the installation process carpet is covered by protective film and this remains in place until all work, including tiling, is complete.


At the end of each working day all tools are tidied away and rooms cleaned as far as possible.